My first ever blog post

I was very hesitant to start a blog; everyone and their mom seems to have one these days. But being as scatterbrained as I am, I think this will help me focus on my plans and feel super accomplished when I can look back and see what I’ve done. I can certainly misplace my journal for 6 months, but misplacing this website? A feat I don’t think even I can accomplish.

Over the years, I have started a number of projects and finished about half of them. I am a mother to 3, our step daughter is only here every other weekend. Finding space to accommodate everyone was originally difficult. My 85 year old mother in law lived with us and was residing in the master. Our daughter was living in the room across the hall from us. And our son was sharing a room with us.

A month before his first birthday, I worked day and night for weeks to transform the converted garage bedroom into a baby zone for him. I had to get that crazy (breastfeeding at all hours) boy outta my bed (and off the boob).

My mother in law passed away last year, god rest her soul, which enabled us to take her room. We moved our daughter into the converted garage (the largest room in the house) and gave our toddler our bedroom. Now our (almost) one year old can take his sister’s old room.

The first project of this year was making the master livable.

Our home was built in the sixties. And, when I first moved him, it was trapped in that era. Heavy yellowed drapes covered windows, hideous peeling wallpaper clung to walls for dear life. And dark wood paneling covered about 40% of the walls. Mix all of that with a home sorely lacking in windows and you get a dark abyss.

I love Batman but, I wouldn’t opt for a residence in his bat cave. Okay, if we shared the space, I would seriously consider it. Ha.

Collectibles (or dust catchers, as I like to call them) were everywhere. In every room and really serving no purpose other than to make our incredibly cluttered home seem even smaller than it really is. It felt like living in a never ending episode of Hoarders. Of course, I wasn’t able to throw out anything, not even a maroon crocheted cross fridge magnet, until she passed. She was an amazing woman but she loved the mass of garbage that she had collected.

My second projects this year, were my toddler and daughter’s bedrooms.

We love superheroes, so that became his theme. Giant superhero wall decals cover fresh white walls. His toddler bed is currently against his closet. Don’t even get me started on what’s  hidden away in there.

My daughter’s bedroom was a serious pain. The giant converted bedroom had dark wood panels. What felt like 8,000 coats of white paint later, I was able to give her a fresh, redesigned space with her favorite past time in mind, videogames.

My husband and I are now working on freeing up the house. We have an insane amount of handsome solid wood furniture, which is lovely, but the quantity is the problem here.

I will refrain from compiling a list here and post each room with before and after pictures when I finish. Hopefully that’s before my boys are in college.